A passion
For Perfection

Quality Materials

We are perfectionists. We strive for the best results possible, so you can be assured that when the job is finished it’s been completed to the very highest specification.

Innovative Technology and Cutting Edge Glazing

If a durable finish or high-end luxury is paramount, we have the answers.

Whether it’s a hard-wearing laminate based product on MDF or tactile quality timbers and veneer, our joiners will always make your refurbishment look superb combining their skill and experience with the best quality material available.

Beautiful Aesthetic, Deeply Practical

Versatile solutions can be created and achieved from an extensive range of laminate designs we have available. Laminates provide cost effective and durable results.

From fabulous floors and quality counter surfaces to beautiful walls and luxurious bathrooms and washrooms, they are a first class solution that you and your clients will love.

Fabric & Upholstery

Luxurious Soft Furnishings to Suit Any Interior
Our upholstery department always delivers quality and excellence. The fabrics we use are tactile, have warmth, are durable and have aesthetic appeal.

We can refit, refurbish and supply any soft furnishings. If we need to mass produce, or at the other end of the scale, make bespoke furniture, we can do that too.

Only the Best Will Suffice

Stone is often used in our refurbishment projects. Quality granite, quartz and Sileston stone are used extensively in restaurants and servery areas.

When it comes to high-end suites and VIP rooms where luxury is paramount, floors, walls and counter tops are regularly made from stone to ensure a superb, quality finish.

Clearly Superior Results

Glass plays a big part in many of the refurbishments we undertake. It can be used to screen parts of your vessel, add to the overall design or be cosmetic to produce a stunning visual experience.

All the glass we use is of the highest specification and meets every international standard.

Solid Surfaces

Taking Health and Safety Seriously
We are driven to deliver quality. All our solid surfaces comply with USPH certificate of compliance.

This level of excellence, which we adhere to as standard, means germs cannot stay latched on to counters and servery areas. Without this compliance, ships cannot dock in US ports.

Innovatively Installed, Expertly Finished

Precision, quality engineering means our metal work is quite simply stunning. We use the latest stainless and mild steels and fabricate them to increase strength but not weight.

To make the finished job look sensational we can spray paint using the latest fire resistant paint and engrave the finished metal work.


Paint Solutions to Match your Needs

We have noticed that over the last few years, cruise lines are increasingly requesting superior finishes that were normally only ever seen on our super yacht work. While our experienced sprayers have been able to meet their demands to date, we see this as a growing trend and with the new state-of-the-art spray booth, we are able to meet those increasing requests and offer a more superior paint finish, whilst reducing energy consumption.
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