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Trimline is responsible for extending the life of the interiors onboard the entire RFA fleet, as well as many of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet including the latest aircraft carriers.

We are trusted to comply with all maritime legislation and deliver a robust and aesthetically appealing interior, helping to improve daily life onboard for naval staff onboard, as well as for visiting dignitaries.

Case Studies


Trimline corporate film
RFA Fort Austin: Case Study


Trimline looks to the future with new owners

After 56 years in the industry and 30 years at the helm, Trimline Ltd.’s Directors Gary and Mike Oliver have stepped back from active duties within the company. Whilst they remain shareholders, Trimline’s current COO Ross Welham has joined forces with Nick Farrell in purchasing a majority share of Trimline Ltd and have become its […]

A new challenge for interior outfitting

Many things have changed during these unprecedented times, but one thing that remains unchanged is the unique challenges we face as marine interior outfitters.  Having completed in excess of 530 significant interior refits over our 56-year history, we have learned that every project offers an opportunity to grow our expertise, as each refit is unique with its own set of […]