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Trimline is responsible for extending the life of the interiors onboard the entire RFA fleet, as well as many of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet including the latest aircraft carriers.

We are trusted to comply with all maritime legislation and deliver a robust and aesthetically appealing interior, helping to improve daily life onboard for naval staff onboard, as well as for visiting dignitaries.

Case Studies


RFA Fort Austin: Case Study


55 years of Trimline

It’s celebration day here at Trimline as we celebrate our 55th birthday!! As the longest serving interior outfitter dedicated to the marine industry, we interviewed Trimline’s owners to find out ‘what it takes to succeed in the marine industry’. Over the years they have seen many competitors come and go, so we asked them what […]

Trimline makes a difference to life onboard HMS Forth

During the recent interior refit of HMS Forth, the improvements Trimline made to the Wardroom, Senior rates and Junior rates recreation spaces have made a positive difference to life onboard. “It was a pleasure to work with Trimline and the improvements to our Ship are fantastic. The on site workforce and manager were quick to […]