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TAPP – Trimine’s new outfitting app is revealed

During 2021, Trimline developed a new, all-encompassing business application called TAPP. Combining the experience and knowledge Trimline has built up over 56 years in the industry, plus all the new technology afforded to us today.

TAPP (Trimline App) runs the entire business, from initial enquiry through to project delivery – including material purchasing and resource booking, drawing management, onsite time recording & health and safety. It provides a way for Trimline, and its customers and suppliers, to work collaboratively towards the end-goal of a superbly executed project, on time & on budget.


Joining the business whilst the world had ground to a halt due to the global pandemic offered a unique opportunity for technology expert and new owner Nick Farrell to look at Trimline’s processes with new eyes. Trimline were already scrutinising their workflows as part of their commitment to continuous improvement, and it became clear that he could help us continue our journey with his new technology background.

Nick spent many months embedded at Trimline, getting to know the business processes and that of the industry at large and what rapidly became apparent is that whilst there are plenty of off-the-shelf ERP software available, nothing fully integrated the needs of marine interior outfitting perfectly.

Even with custom development and tailoring, there was nothing that gave us the full range of benefits that we wanted for our team and our customers. That left us with the option to either go for ‘mediocre’ and live with a standard ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics or build our own. Trimline doesn’t do ‘mediocre’ and so that was an easy, though daunting, choice – we would develop it ourselves.


Fast-forward to today and Trimline has developed industry-leading software which allows the outfitting team and customer personnel to view live project progress (regardless of location). Snags can be photographed and managed within the software in real-time, by customers as well as the Trimline team.

Overall, the TAPP platform allows everyone involved in a project to work more efficiently (LEAN) and to see challenges sooner, therefore reducing the impact on project schedule.


  • Full CRM system for enquiries through to completion, and beyond…
  • Document management system for quotes and proposals
  • Project planning
  • Quote management and budgeting
  • Purchase ordering
  • Supplier management
  • Delivery checking
  • Stock management
  • Resource and travel management
  • Overdue order notification
  • Accounts payable
  • Quote/Budget/Order/Invoice cost comparison
  • Health and Safety risk assessments
  • On-site task progress
  • Client has real-time visibility of projects, both in planning phase and onsite
  • On-site roll call and time recording
  • Snagging (customer and internal)
  • Product pricing and certification management
  • FF&E management
  • Vessel database and imagery store

We will be taking TAPP to CSI Europe in London on 1-2 Dec 2021. Contact us to book a demo.

Customer Testimonial
  • Matthew Easton, Hotel Refurbishment Manager, Marella Cruises

    "I find using the new trimline app hugely valuable. The ability to view live transparent data at any time, and in any location, certainly makes my life easier. Also since using it, Trimline has listened to my feedback and been able to build in extra features which has been fantastic.

    I first trialled it during our last project. Even though I wasn't able to get to the ship, I could still see in real time what was happening onboard on the app.

    We are now at pre-planning stage for our next dry dock and I have access to all the live data, from procurement to resource levels. At the touch of a button I can access, review and approve all drawings and FF&E. It's great that I'll also have access to this historic data for future reference. I can't wait to get onboard and see how the app helps us during a dry dock."”

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